Casey Luskin: heterochrony is evidence against common descent

If you are reading this, and know what heterochrony means, you are probably wondering how on Earth he came to that conclusion.   On the other hand, if you have read anything by Luskin before, you know anything is possible.  If you don’t know what heterochrony means, go to your local college library and have a look at Ontogeny and Phylogeny by Stephen Jay Gould.  Or be lazy and google it.  DI lawyer/blogger/nightwatchman Casey Luskin is probably unfamiliar with heterochrony since he fails to use the word is discussing a topic where it would be all but unavoidable, but lack of relevant knowledge never stopped him before.  Read on as our intrepid litigator sets out to protect all that is holy from the likes of Ken Miller by smiting him with a South American oppossum neonate.  It is interesting that the DI’s loudest voice in the blogosphere is a lawyer.


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Anaxyrus terrestris is the binomial of the southern toad, and the wordpress ID of someone who is married, employed, and otherwise thoroughly boring.
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