Anaxyrus terrestris now online

Welcome to Blog of Anaxyrus terrestris. I have a job and a family that conspire to keep me very busy, so I don’t know how frequent posts will be.  I am a college professor in the natural sciences living in Florida, USA.  Like most of my department and much of the region, I am a transplant from the Great Frozen North.  As I write this in mid-December, it’s a good time to be down here.

My primary interests are the natural world and science education.  It is an uphill battle, to say the least, educating students about the world as it really is and the nature of the scientific endeavor when you see them for a total of 37.5 hours during a semester (assuming perfect attendance, with 5 of those hours spent taking tests) and you’re fighting the tsunami of misinformation that our culture extrudes.  But there are some really good students out there.  Hope springs eternal, and I am not convinced that a dystopian future is inevitable.  Thank you for reading.


About anaxyrus

Anaxyrus terrestris is the binomial of the southern toad, and the wordpress ID of someone who is married, employed, and otherwise thoroughly boring.
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