Diogenes gets it right

A while back I stumbled across the blog of a biologist writing under the blogonym of Diogenes.  Last spring he posted a series of articles that hit the core of one of the major problems this country faces: subversion of the good of our people and environment to the will of the extremists that make up the Republican party in the 21st century.  As Steven Pinker noted in The Blank Slate, the GOP is a coalition of seemingly strange bedfellows: “the board of directors and the revival tent”(if memory serves).  At times it would seem the Romneys and Huckabees would have little in common.  Dubya was the intersection and thus enjoyed huge popularity within the party despite his many flaws and disregard for the truth and the Constitutional rights of Americans.  It helps to be born on third base.  And to have the Democratics field stiffs in 2000 and ’04.  In every election that I can remember, going back to ’76, the more charismatic candidate (in my opinion, of course, based on how they come across on camera) has won, and Dubya (who had almost none) was extremely lucky to go against his charismatic equal in ’00 (a draw) and the mannequin that is John Kerry in ’04.  That goes double for Bush the elder in ’88.

But I digress.  In “Your Science Makes Jesus Cry: Right Wingers and the Campaign Against ‘Materialism'” and the follow-up “What is the Fundamentalist War Against ‘Materialism’ Really About?” Diogenes shows how how tight the link between the megalocapitalists and Christian Taliban really is.  Go read them now and report back.


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Anaxyrus terrestris is the binomial of the southern toad, and the wordpress ID of someone who is married, employed, and otherwise thoroughly boring.
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2 Responses to Diogenes gets it right

  1. gabo says:

    I have no time to go check Diogenes today. I might try later. In the meantime, good to meet you.


  2. anaxyrus says:


    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, everyone is busy right now as the semester is underway.

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